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I am intrigued by the way in which colour affects how I feel, the process of combining colour with traditional and non-traditional materials, and as a vehicle in itself is fundamental to my practice. Exploring the relationship between colour, light and space, I work intuitively to create an outcome, using the opportunity to investigate further into the unforeseen.

Inspired initially by the Bauhaus and the link between art and design art allows me to release emotion and capture visions. Design plays a significant role in my work allowing me to create work to fit the environment and enhance the experience of public spaces.

My recent work is concerned with research into the decorative arts and is inspired by walks along the riverside and time spent in Cornwall. I am investigating the qualities of various mediums combined with colour. Using innovative methodology I reference the past to make contemporary art and the elements that intertwine characterise my practice.


July 2016

A Summer Day outing for Guisborough Arts Society to Kennedy's Ponds, Cotherstone.

June - July 2016

Final Groundworks NE & Cumbria Connecting People to the Landscape project based at Headlam Hall.

I am available for demonstrations and workshops, for more info see here and exhibit around the country, often along with Geoff Hewitt and David Hall.

February - March 2016

Another project for Groundworks NE & Cumbria Connecting People to the Landscape inspired by Kennedy's Ponds, Cotherstone.

October - November 2015

connecting people to the landscape An exciting project Connecting People to the Landscape I was given the opportunity to create earlier this year by Groundwork NE and Cumbria.

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