“Being able to share and pass on skills and knowledge is something I am very passionate about. To see participants getting involved and creating artwork, is rewarding.”

I run three active art classes:

Outings and Events

October 2017

Scarth Hall Arts and Crafts

August 2017

Cotherstone Arts and Crafts

July 2017

Thornton Hall Gardens

Print Making Workshop

May 2017

North East Neonatal Family Day

April 2017

Cotherstone Exhibition

July 2016

A Summer Day outing for Guisborough Arts Society to Kennedy's Ponds, Cotherstone.

June - July 2016

Final Groundworks NE & Cumbria Connecting People to the Landscape project based at Headlam Hall.

February - March 2016

Another project for Groundworks NE & Cumbria Connecting People to the Landscape inspired by Kennedy's Ponds, Cotherstone.

October - November 2015

connecting people to the landscape

An exciting project Connecting People to the Landscape I was given the opportunity to create earlier this year by Groundwork NE and Cumbria.

I am available to run informal demonstrations and workshops. Please email me for further information.